Lonely Kitten and Cleaning Teeth with Turmeric

I have been busy today and haven’t been able to do any research. So I am posting another kitten photo, taken this morning in my neighbours’ yard. 😉 Two of the kittens were adopted yesterday by a loving couple, so I am relieved. lonely kittenThe third sibling was left behind, though, and appears to be very sad, even though it is still with its mother. Doesn’t this photo just tug at your heart strings? Poor little dear.

The most recent name suggestions from my family and listserv/blog friends for our three-week-old kitten are: Pammy, Petunia, Paloma, Pillola (which means “pill” in Italian) for a female; Pedro, Picasso, Paco, Philo, Pascal, Pasquale, Palmiro for a male. The name contest is still open!

This morning I read an interesting article titled “Forget fluoride – try turmeric.” In an attempt to stop the water supply in Onehunga, an Auckland suburb, from being flooded with fluoride, a New Zealand biochemist is trying to promote the idea that it is much safer to brush our teeth with turmeric. Since curcumin, turmeric’s active ingredient, has well-known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, he is undoubtedly right! See: http://tinyurl.com/28cf85 Hmmm, but wouldn’t our teeth be stained yellow? I may do a test, just to see what happens…

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