Cat Number Four

Well, it’s official. Last night I called my parents and told them we had decided to adopt another cat. I figured I would get a lecture on how we have too many cats already, how I am allergic to cats (true!), etc. But Mom just laughed and said Sweetheart, we already KNEW you were going to adopt one of those kittens! They know me well. 😉 She surprised me even more by adding Why don’t you adopt TWO of the kittens, so it won’t be so traumatic for them to be separated from their mother? She wasn’t kidding, either. I wish we could take them all!

Now that the adoption is official, I can post a photo of our baby. Our kitten, 19 or 20 days oldThe kitten, the cream-coloured one in the photo (currently about the size of my boy Piccolo’s head!), will be joining our family once it is weaned, the first week or so of July. Perhaps with a sibling 😉 We don’t yet know if it’s a boy or a girl, but it doesn’t matter. We wish to continue the P name tradition (Puzzola, Piccolo and Priscilla), so if you can think of any good P-starting cat names, please let me know. If it’s a boy, I would like to call it Pronto, which is the Italian equivalent of hello? when answering the phone. It has other meanings, too: ready, prompt, quick, etc. After visiting Italy, a MM listserv friend called one of her cats Pronto, and I just loved the name! If it’s a girl well, we don’t have a name, yet. My brother in law suggested Paloma, which I like a lot. But we are still open to suggestions.

This is turning into a cat blog (!), but I AM also doing some serious research and will post about that soon!


  1. Glad to hear your family is expanding! I bet it will be by 2…
    Keep up this great “corner” – I truly enjoy reading it, and I really appreciate all the research you do!


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