My Curcumin Protocol (Afterthought)

I should have emphasized the following point more forcefully: before taking curcumin, or any other substance for that matter, I think it’s a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider, even if you are NOT doing chemotherapy. In January of 2006, my husband and I took the curcumin-MM studies to my former haematologist (who retired in August) and discussed the matter with him. At the time, he was suggesting that I do two cycles of Velcade, then an autologous SCT (stem cell transplant) in the summer of 2006. Happily, none of that ever came to pass, thanks to curcumin.

His reactions during that January meeting gave me the distinct impression that he was sceptical, but he did tell me to go ahead with the initial eight-week curcumin protocol. However, he added that I would have to start chemo if curcumin did not work. At the time, I said, “sure, okay.” Of course, curcumin DID work, and, as a result, my surprised (I think!) haematologist informed me that he had started sprinkling turmeric over his food. But the point is, I didn’t start taking curcumin without informing my doctor. I should add that I felt (feel!) so strongly about curcumin that I would have followed the eight-week protocol even if he had advised me against it. I can be stubborn at times! But the bottom line is: I feel that it is best to be open with our doctors, even if we think they will disapprove.

Of course, nobody can predict the long-term effects of curcumin and the other substances that I am taking or plan to take. So, while I am cheerfully (and stubbornly!) confident that I will remain stable on my protocol, only time will tell.

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  1. please help me to understand what the curcumin protocol is. I can’t find the actual protocol posted anywhere. I’m trying to help my boyfriend slow his MM.
    what brands, what dosages etc.
    He is currently juice fasting, following the dr. Schulze incurables program.
    I would like him to add the curcumin .


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