Buon Anniversario!

My husband and I were married eight years ago today. We are celebrating our anniversary by driving to Siena later this morning and having lunch there. On the way, we may even stop briefly in San Gimignano, a small Medieval hilltop town with thirteen still-standing towers. A day spent together out in the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. And it just happens to be a beautiful sunny day. Who could ask for anything more?

Yesterday I went into town on an errand, and as I was riding home on the bus I began thinking how lucky I am to have this wonderful supportive man in my life. We have been together for more than ten years, yet I still discover new things about him. He still surprises me, my best friend and soul mate. And he makes me laugh (well, I make him laugh, too!). There is much to love about my tall dark smart and handsome Italian husband.

He has always been the one to say the words I love you. And now, after eight years, it’s my turn: Buon Anniversario, moro. Ti amo.


  1. Happy Anniversary,
    It is so nice to have someone supportive who is ALWAYS there.
    Hope you celebrate with French champagne


  2. I knew we had more in common than MM! My anniversary is tomorrow, May 9. We will be married 37 years! Don’t you just love having a May anniversary – such a great time of year!

    Hope you have had a wonderful time today!

    all the best,

  3. Happy anniversary Margaret and H! My Sweetie and I were married on May 4, so we celebrate at almost the same time.

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