I was going to post something about our weekend trip to the region to Umbria…with photos, glorious photos of beautiful places, but I just couldn’t pretend that everything is okay. No. It just isn’t right. 

When Stefano and I got home yesterday, I got some very bad news. Bad news for the myeloma community/family. Bad BAD news, period. But I wasn’t sure what to do with it, to be honest…should I post it here on the blog or not? What would she, a very private person, have wanted me to do? Well, this morning I decided to go ahead and post a tiny tribute…a tribute to my friend…a tribute to Hanna. 

I met Hanna via my blog a number of years ago. She wrote me a glowing fan message, and from that moment we began corresponding and building a friendship. We never managed to meet in real life (she lives in Canada, I live in Italy), but we found that we had many things in common…reading, traveling, listening to classical music and also…a rather wacky sense of humor (okay, so mine is wackier!!!), and so I’d frequently forward to her the funny messages and links that you send to me and that keep my immune system happy…It kept hers happy, too…

But Hanna and I would also discuss things of a more serious nature…mainly natural, non-toxic myeloma treatments. And I often turned to her for advice, even before she became a co-administrator of our Facebook MM, MGUS and SMM support group. Wise, thoughtful Hanna always found the perfect solution to any issue…

Well, three weeks ago, after much worry on my part (she’d essentially “disappeared” and wasn’t answering my messages…I just knew something was wrong…), I and a few select others in the above-mentioned Facebook support group received a brief message from her, informing us that she’d decided to stop all treatments (conventional, yes) and go home to be with her family and to enjoy her garden. We all knew what that meant…

She didn’t answer any further communications. 

And yesterday, when Stefano and I got home from Umbria, I read a message from her husband informing me (and the same few, as above) that she had died on June 7th. 

On Saturday Stefano and I heard this song, “Over the valley,” while having a quick bite to eat in a wine bar in the town of Assisi. Such a pretty little song…I think Hanna would have liked it…and so I dedicate it to her today. [youtuber youtube=’’]

Oh Hanna dear, I’m going to miss you so much…

Ciao, mia cara…

5 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Lori

    Thank you Margaret. I’m trying not to be sad. It’s very hard. She wouldn’t want me to be. But it is hole that I cannot fill. She touched me deeply over the years with her encouragement and support.

  2. beatrice nordberg

    what a beautiful Good By from you Margaret, so very touching.
    On a hopeful note: Got my first bottle of AFI Curcumin C Redux. Will let you all know what it does for me. Beatrice

  3. jaimie

    very sad, did not know of her, but am sorry for your loss, Margaret.

    @Beatrice—where did you find this afi curcumin c redux? I don’t see it on their site..had a problem with capsule shards in their curcumunoids without bioperene…many bottles affected–are these capsules? what dosage are you taking.? thanks


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