Getting ready to fly!

Our flight for Boston, Massachusetts, leaves early this afternoon…and thunderstorms are predicted in the Boston area for this evening (typical of my luck: of all the days we could have picked to land in Boston, it had to be during the only possible thunderstorm of the entire week…!!!)…anyway, I have just enough time to squeeze in a quick post. Excellent comments left on my IgE post, thanks!, I will have a look at all the links when I return to Italy around October 20th. Much food for thought.


Same line of thinking (?): the other day I read a report by Dr. Ralph Moss (see: on the overuse of antibiotics that could possibly lead to the development of cancer. I don’t have time now to provide a summary of the article, but Dr. Moss writes that it appears that the more courses of antibiotics a person takes over time, the greater the risk of developing certain cancers. If you are rushed for time, just read the last paragraph.


Okay, speaking of rushing, I have to rush off to finish packing now. I will post a little something on my blog in a few days…this time from the States! Wow. That reminds me of something: yesterday, as I was saying goodbye to my students, I told them how much I was looking forward to seeing my sister and niece, that I haven’t seen them in more than two years, blablabla. To my surprise, I began choking up, and tears filled my eyes. Even more surprisingly, they were moved, too (well, perhaps not so surprisingly: Italians…the importance of family…you know…!). So we all stood there in a circle, unable to speak for a few seconds. Cute.


Okay, if I want to be on that flight I had better start getting ready! I will be posting but probably not answering too many e-mails in the next couple of weeks (I apologize in advance). Take care, everyone! Ciao! A presto!