CNB-001 = new type of curcumin able to cross the blood brain barrier

February 12 2011 post. This morning I read a Science Daily article on yesterday’s bit of news re. the new type of curcumin that is able to cross the blood brain barrier: Compared to the BBC article, the SD one describes more in detail what happens during a stroke and how this new form of curcumin is able to help, by repairing stroke damage at the molecular level that feed and support the all-important brain cells, neurons…The article is easy to read, so please go have a look…

February 11 2011 post. I just got the link to this recent BBC article from a MMA list friend (thanks!) and thought I would post it: I just wish they didn’t have to test on rabbits or any other animals, for that matter…ugh.


  1. After the initial testing is done, it will likely be released as a prescription drug. After a decade or so, it might get released as an over-the-counter drug, for general use. But don’t count on it.

    If you want to maximize the curcumin absorption, take it with greasy/oily foods. You can also take the version that has bioperine, but if you do, I would suggest taking it alone. The bioperine will cause anything else taken near the same time to be absorbed more than normal, resulting in a possible overdose.

    I suggest multi-grain toast with lots of butter, honey, and cinnamon; and a curcumin pill.

  2. Life Extension Bio Curcumin is very powerful and stays
    in your body over a period of 6+ hours as it contains the bcm 95
    version of curcumin. It’s the best I’ve tried.

  3. Has anyone tried Theravalues Theracurmin? It is tested at 30 times more bio-available. The problem is it is only a 30mg capsule – so one still has to take a ton of it.

  4. The Theracurmin costs about $60 for 30 pills of 30 mg each. At 30 times absorption that they claim, that would equal about 900 mg of regular curcumin.

    I would suggest the 400 mg pills (800 mg per serving), 200 pills per bottle, at $12 per bottle.
    Just take the pills with something greasy, like butter or margarine.
    The above suggested multigrain toast, honey, and cinnamon are for added health benefits, not specifically for added absorption.

    The Life Extension Bio Curcumin claims to be absorbed almost 7 times as well as regular curcumin. At $26 for 60 pills at 400 mg per pill (equivalent to 2772 mg of a typical 95% curcumin extract), that would equate to about 7 of the regular curcumin pills. Taking 7 of the regular pills per day times 60 days would cost about $25.50. Close enough.

    If you are willing to pay the huge costs, the Theracurmin sounds great. For this, I will wait for the cost to come down and bottle size to increase.

    If you want a huge dose, and don’t want to bother with lots of pills, the Life Extension stuff sounds good. If their absorption claims are valid.

    If you want to spread out the dosage throughout the day, or want a smaller dose, the regular curcumin is great.

    There is also the Curcumin the Bioperine, which you can get 240 capsules at 900 mg curcumin, for $60. Just keep in mind that the bioperine will also increase the dosage of anything else taken at the same time.

  5. The Theracurmin capsule weighs over 450 mg on my scale. But the marketing material only quotes 30mg. I don’t understand what the other ingredients are. I can tell you that when I took two of them – I had the side affects (loose stools) that happen when you go way over 8 grams.

  6. I am still seeking clinically tested curcumin with the backup data/papers. All help much appreciated.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Len 7/3/11

  7. I recently posted on curcumin with a link to a radio interview with a Baylor scientists who is one of the leading experts on curcumin. He says the best curcumin product for enhanced bio-availability is curcumin BCM 95. See
    (I take a version supplied by Life Extension.)

    I’ve kept a Google alert for several months now on curcumin and I’ve been amazed at the number of scientific studies that are reporting hopeful results on the use of curcumin for all sorts of ailments. See:



  9. I have been taking Physician Naturals 1,000mg w/ Piperine every day (8 grams). I ordered some Theracurmin 300 pro to experiment with taking only two of these per day (600mg) since the bio-availability data shows 27 times more absorption. We’ll see how it goes. Much more cost effective this way if it works.

  10. Beatrice Nordberg, how many capsules of the super bio circumin do you take a day….and with food or a a half hour after you eat?
    Thanks very much.

  11. I called integrative who makes theracurmin at 600mg they are clueless on the phone, but did say that this is not a nano prep, there is no alteration to the chem makeup—so, if I wanted to use this with the curcuminoids from afi at 500mg, how much would be a good combo I wonder?

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