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Comment on Living with smoldering myeloma by Harriet Thu, 03 Oct 2019 15:11:36 +0000 Hi Margaret,
I was diagnosed with smouldering myeloma in 2013. Then in 2018 I fractured my vertebrae (already had osteoporosis) and was told it had progressed to MM I was immediately put on velcade, Thalidomide and dexamethasone and had 5 cycles. The last one being in february 2019. My paraproteins went down to 10 after the last treatment. They have now gone up to 19.8. My stem cells have been harvested and I am reluctant to have a stem cell transplant as I am so worried about all the side effects. I would be obliged if you can give me any advice and in particular with regard to taking curcumin and any other natural remedies.

Comment on Andrographolide and bone destruction by Jacqueline Fri, 20 Sep 2019 18:48:14 +0000 Hello,

My hematologist yesterday told me that I was stable (stage 1 myeloma without treatment), but as my exams show that I have osteoporosis and that she does not know if it is “normal” or due to myeloma, she wants me to give infusions of bisphosphonates.

On the one hand, I had a fractured femoral neck a year ago.
On the other hand, I am afraid of the side effects of these bisphosphonates: inflammation of the eyes (not benign), esophageal cancer, abnormal heart rhythm, intestinal dysbiosis, besides the bisphosphonates, as I understand it, harden the bone, ok, but prevent it from being restored naturally thereafter (to be confirmed) which can make it brittle.

Have you been able to test the efficacy of Andrographis paniculata without any adverse effects (on the kidneys for ex.) ?

MGUS from the end of 2010 to 2014 and stage 1.

Comment on My Curcumin Protocol (Continued) by Lisa Wed, 18 Sep 2019 20:57:06 +0000 I have been diagnosed with SMM. I am experiencing dry skin and itching. Also headaches and fatigue. I am going to start on the curcumin protocol and i am so thankful for your blog. Its very scary to get the news that you have this horrible blood disease brewing in your body. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Very Comforting. Lisa

Comment on Wow, what a holiday! by Dee in U.K Tue, 17 Sep 2019 08:13:53 +0000 Wow what a blog?! Amazing pics. xxx

Comment on Living with smoldering myeloma by don Fri, 06 Sep 2019 15:27:06 +0000 I have posted before and am now about 2.5 years in and about 3.5 years since protein was above normal.

Paraprotein remains stable at 3.4 now for 2.5 years.

IGA still high.

K & L are single digits and the ratio is 1.1.

A little anemia……

I have started drinking cranberry juice every day to help kidneys and all those readings are good.

No treatment……. just smoldering……

I think I am one that curcumin works. I take 4g daily and have for 2 years.

Keep smoldering.

Comment on Holiday, holiday, holidaaaaay! by beatrice Sun, 01 Sep 2019 17:51:19 +0000 Dear Margaret: Hope you have a great holiday….so happy about your test results. Mine a going down too, except for the hemoglobin which is down and should not go down. My ferritin levels are down too, so I was prescribed iron pills and if that does not work, I need an iron transfusion. What are your thoughts about it?

Comment on MGUS for more than 30 years by Jaroslav Sun, 01 Sep 2019 10:44:19 +0000 Ahoj, mám MGUS 5 let paraprotein z p?vodních 2,6 nyní 3,6. Mám progredující polyneuropatii nohou i rukou, poslední rok nerovnováha ch?ze-pády, necitlivost prst? nohou a rukou, nyní prsty nohou zcela nehybné a prsty na rukou ?áste?n?. To vše se vyvinulo za 5 let od po?áte?ního pouze pálení chodidel a to jen v noci. Kadé 3 m?síce konrola na hematologii a onkologii. Po?áte?ní testy rentgen CT p?ed 4 roky negativní a biopsie kostní d?en? 2 procenta vadných bun?k. Polyneuropatie nej?ast?ji nesouvisí s MGUS (jen 1/3) Nej?ast?jšíí p?í?inou polyneuropatie je cukrovka (3/4) alkohol, štítná žláza, deficit vitamínu B a další. U mne nic z toho nezjišt?no. Tento text je v jazyce CZECH Republic p?elož si pomocí Google.

Comment on Phase I study of surface-controlled water soluble curcumin (Theracurmin CR-011L) by Charlotte Wed, 28 Aug 2019 22:15:00 +0000 Hi Margaret & everyone else,

Given that these posts about Theracurmin are from 7 years ago, I would really like to know what you think about it now, and its potentially greater bioavailability? Also: how does it compare to Meriva and Longvida?

Since shortly before my SCT in 2015, I’ve been taking Dr Best C3 Complex as per your protocol – 8g a day (1g tablets) – every night on an empty stomach, with 2-3 tbsps of flax oil, and a while after taking 3 x quercetin/bromelain tablets. I went into complete remission from MM after the SCT, but for the past 12 months or so my paraproteins have been rising slowly but steadily (“slow creep”). This, combined with the fact that for the past year, until recently, I’ve had to import the Dr Best from the US, and it’s got much more expensive, has made me look around for alternatives.

The guy in my local health shop, who says he and his family are Ayurveda-trained, strongly recommended I switch to Pukka Wholistic turmeric, but we were at a loss to work out how to compare quantities. I’ve been taking 8 capsules; it says they have 77.5mg of curcumin per tablet (not C3, but organic, with bioperine).

I couldn’t find any precise data on the Dr Best website or in the pot, so wrote to their sales dept, who responded rather curtly that each 1000mg tablet contained between 92.2-106.5mg curcumin, and that I should not be taking more than one a day (hmm).

I also have Natural Factors Curcumin Rich Double Strength Theracurmin. This says each capsule contains 60mg of theracurmin – but if it’s much more bioavailable than the others, how does that compare? Per capsule they’re much more expensive than the Dr Best; presumably I wouldn’t need to take as many – but how many should I take?

I very much like the idea of the curcumin staying in the blood rather than spiking and quickly disappearing soon after I take it. Obviously I want something that will start having a more powerful effect and lowering my free light chain count. But how much would I need to take, and of what, in order to make a difference?

I hope someone has some advice. At the moment I’m thinking of combining 4x Dr Best and 2 or 3 Theracurmin, but I feel as if I’m just gambling blindly here.

Here are a couple of interesting reports on bioavailability. I found a very good, recent one yesterday specifically comparing Theracurmin/other curcumin products in the blood over a 24hr period (Theracurmin was WAY ahead), but it’s vanished into the ether again…



Comment on Test results by Dee in U.K Wed, 21 Aug 2019 15:27:05 +0000 Good results. Have a lovely time in the U.K. :-))