The Daily Mail article on Dieneke, curcumin, myeloma…

I should have posted this link (see below) days ago, but ever since we lost our eldest cat, Puzzola, practically all my free time has been devoted to taking care of, and doing research for, Piccolo (the big black and white cat in my header photo), who, at age 14, has unfortunately been diagnosed with spondyloarthrosis, a very painful, degenerative condition of the spine…

But this will be fodder for another post, since I have a question for those of you who have pets…

Today my focus is instead on Dieneke, my longtime blog reader whose oncologists recently published her case study (see my May 30 2017 post). As a result of that, she was interviewed by a reporter from the Daily Mail (UK), and the article was published on July 24.

I was and am extremely pleased about this for two reasons:

  1. curcumin has really worked for Dieneke…and it always makes me so happy to think about all the blog readers who have benefited from taking this extract (or other things, too, for that matter…think of blog reader TAB, for example…).
  2. her recent “stardom” has enabled her to to reach out and help others…And that is wonderful!

Here is the link to the Daily Mail article (with photos), which, by the way, has been picked up by a slew of other news sources online and has thus gone VIRAL, how about that, eh…: Fantastic.

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did.

And again, THANK YOU, Dieneke: you are an inspiration to so many, including yours truly! 🙂


  1. Thank you Margaret for posting it. I am so pleased that after so long now the health benefits of curcumin seem to be coming through. And it all started with you all those years ago.
    I have received masses of emails, Facebook messages, twitter messages and phone calls of people with myeloma and other illnesses asking about more information and also what pills to buy and in what doses.
    And as Margaret says the story has gone viral. It is my first experience of being part of a story that goes viral which gives you a good insight in how the press works. The Daily Mail had the story online and I was actually alerted to it by a friend who saw it at midnight before it appeared. a bit later they had found some images from my Facebook page which they added – related to running with the torch in Brazil. Meanwhile it was picked up by the online Metro and the Sun and the This Morning ITV programme mentioned it briefly which appeared on their Facebook page – with half a million views. That all happened on the 25th, but I only found out about This Morning on the 27th and then we also found the Metro and the Sun articles. Then we googled my name with cancer and curcumin and there was a huge list of who picked it up. And of course Margaret’s Corner is there.

    As very few people know how this works with transplants, the Daily Mail editor who edited the article must have changed the reference to the failed stemcell harvests to 4 stem cell transplants. So like Chinese wispers that then was picked up by the other papers.

    On Friday we posted an article on Hidden Art our website with all the details as well as links to articles, Margaret’s Corner, the first protocol where it all started from and the last post that Margaret wrote with her protocol. That is making it easier for me to reply to all the enquiries and also direct them to the wealth of information here on Margaret’s Corner. The link is here – at the end of the article there is a link to a page with further details.

    Subsequently I have also found out that Sabinsa, the manufacturer of the C3 Curcumin also sells pills. Their name was mentioned in the Daily Mail article so people started phoning Sabinsa, which were a bit overwhelmed.

    Anyway watch this space, and many many thanks to Margaret.

    1. Yes I saw this and I am sure many people will very inspired by the story. I am a very positive person and this is truly positive & wonderful news.
      Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks to both Margaret and Dieneke for sharing this. This really gives hope. I will have my first blood test after starting taking curcumin in a couple of weeks, and are excited to know if it has had any effect on my cancer cells.

  3. She took 8 grams a day.
    Is this a normal amount? If you are not currently in dire straits but “watch and wait”, what would be a good dose to start with? I have looked all over the internet and have found everything from 3.2 gm a day to 1-3 g a day. I know 8 is probably dramatic to begin with….

    Thank you for this blog. It’s a godsend.
    Andi (Waldenstrom’s)

  4. I found the coverage on the BBC in May also very enlightening.
    Food Programme – Turmeric – @bbcradio4

    Since hearing the program I take Turmeric daily. I am doing very well on a Daratumumab therapy and figure that Turmeric has only helped.

    Thank you for sharing,

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