Per la mamma

IMG_6825My mother died on Easter Sunday.

She’d been in a nursing home on Cape Cod for about a year…a very difficult year, as you can imagine.

Thanks to my niece, I was able to see my mother on Skype and Facetime during her last few days.

On Saturday, in a moment of lucidity, she told Stefano and me, in Italian: “nessuno dovrebbe soffrire in questo modo. Voglio volare via,” which means, “nobody should suffer like this. I want to fly away.” I told her to let go.

Unlike previous times, our last Skype sessions were mostly silent. She didn’t have the strength to talk or even to pay much attention to whatever I was talking about. So I ended up just watching her…in silence…

On Sunday there was a change for the worse: she was having a very hard time breathing. Very difficult to watch.

But the last memory I have of my mother is of her blowing me a kiss through the phone…

Six hours later, she was gone.

No more suffering…

Ciao, mamma.

12 thoughts on “Per la mamma

  1. Charlotte

    My condolences Margaret to you,Stefano and your family.
    At least she isn’t suffering any more
    I didn’t know your mother knew Italian.
    May her memory be a blessing for you and your family.

  2. Martha Harding

    Dear Margaret, I am sorry to read of your Mother’s passing. Skype is a blessing.
    May many good memories sustain you. Sincerely, Martha

  3. Ana Cummings

    With deep sympathy for your loss, Margaret. The loss of your mom is one of the most difficult passages of life.

  4. Linda Baker

    Our deepest sympathy to you in your mother’s passing. How beautiful that she blew you a kiss, and that her wish to fly away came true on Easter Sunday. ?? Linda & Big EZ

  5. Franco Tessitore

    Mi spiace Margaret. Non sapevo che stesse soffrendo così tanto. E anche tu.
    Condivido la vostra tristezza.

  6. Sandy Banks

    Mothers leave a huge gap in our lives when they die. But their love does continue and I hope you will have a lovely visit with her in future dreams. May your wonderful memories sustain you during this time.

  7. Susie Jenkins

    Aloha Margaret,
    I’m so sorry to learn of your loss. Deepest condolences to you and your whole family.


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