It’s about like this…

Busy days…but mostly, it’s been hot here (see:, and we are trying to dodge the heat in various ways. Midday naps under a ceiling fan really help… ūüôā

How hot, you might ask? Well, just take a look at this cartoon (sent to me by a blog reader, thanks!). When I return home from work or from doing a bit of¬†basic grocery/cat food¬†shopping, I look a lot like the “ta gueule” guy in this cartoon. Oh, that reminds me…Here is the translation of this “corny”¬†exchange (again, provided by my blog reader, more thanks!). The¬†ear of corn¬†on the left asks “Is it hot outside?” The other one answers: “Shut up!” ūüėÜ

¬†The heat wave is supposed to subside a bit in northern and central Italy by Sunday afternoon. Meno male (=thank goodness), as we say in Italian…In the meantime, I am taking it easy (whenever possible), drinking a lot¬†and not doing any research…pant pant pant…!

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